A Welcoming Space for All Ages

Brown Like Me clubs for Black youth meet monthly.  Each meeting usually consists of an organized activity and down time for socializing with friends old and new. During the meeting time, Brown Like Me board members and guests often present to parents about issues related to raising Black children.

Join us!
Currently we meet from 10-12 pm on the second Saturday of each month, usually in Meridian. Please check our Events page or our Facebook for the most up-to-date information.

We do many activities together as a large group as well as break off into groups by age:

MIDDLES (7-12) and TEENS (13+)
Topics and activities may revolve around hair and skin care, goal setting, and leadership; include fun like tie-dying t-shirts; or involve a field trip. Youth members are invited to provide input into meeting topics.

LITTLES (6 and under) Littles meetings usually involve reading books, doing crafts, and just having fun. When possible, the meetings will mirror the theme or topic of the big kids’ activities. Also, we celebrate birthdays every month, because every Black child should be able to celebrate their birthday with Black friends!